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Are you a birth worker or a business that services pregnant and/or postpartum families?

 We would love to partner with you!

 The statistics on postpartum depression, anxiety and lack of support for women in the postpartum period are overwhelmingly high in the US compared to other countries.

 Journaling is statistically proven to decrease anxiety and stress.

 We need your help to achieve our goal of supplying families with a postpartum planner and journal during pregnancy or the immediate postpartum period.

Postpartum Planner

Postpartum Planner

Retail price: $39.00

  • 6 month undated planner
  • Helps plan a support team
  • Helps to create a postpartum plan
  • Postpartum Checkups: Mom Guilt, Mental Health, Self-Care
  • Postpartum Vision Board
  • 30 Days Of Postpartum Affirmations
  • 30 Days of Breastfeeding Affirmations
  • 6 Undated Monthly Calendars
  • Weekly Planner: Goals, To-Do List, Appointments, Meal Plan, Shopping List
  • Postpartum Reflection Page
  • Daily Planner: 182 days, Schedule, Goals, Daily Support, Basic Needs Checklist

Postpartum Journal

Postpartum Journal

Retail price: $35.00

  • 1 month undated journal
  • Weekly Keys To Success
  • Weekly Mental Health Check-In
  • Weekly Postpartum Reflection
  • Daily Check-In
  • Daily blank "notes" page


 Benefits of Partnership with us:

Wholesale pricing: You will receive 50% off retail pricing of planners and journals. (Minimum order quantity 5).

  • Planner wholesale pricing: $19.50 per planner.
  • Journal wholesale pricing: $17.50 per journal.

 Option for exclusivity: Work with our designer to create your own planner and/ or journal exclusive to your practice and clientele.



Ways to incorporate planners and journals within your practice:

  • Can resell to your customers/ clientele for the wholesale price of $39.00 per planner and $35.00 per journal.
  • Include in your service packages: (i.e. doula services, breastfeeding, mental health, midwifery, classes, etc.)


Think Like A Mom® is committed to providing families access to postpartum resources.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to providing families in need with breastfeeding and postpartum care.



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Pregnancy Planner coming soon!