Our Story

Hi I'm Alicia!

I created Think Like A Mom® because I noticed a lack of support for postpartum moms. This idea was conceived in 2018. I wanted a community where moms could feel seen and heard. ⁣

⁣At the time I worked as a postpartum home visiting nurse. I had experience as a NICU nurse, and would later go on to get my⁣ certification as a Lactation Consultant.⁣

⁣At the time I didn’t know what this idea would evolve into so I went ahead and took business courses, hired a graphic designer/brand specialist, and trademarked the name. I didn’t realize how much I would actually need this community that I was building until I had my first child in 2020 and things really got rough. ⁣

⁣Fast forward to 2022, here comes the second child and I officially launched my business after 4 years while adjusting to motherhood with a toddler and newborn.⁣

⁣I create hand designed stationery and apparel especially for moms. Through my products I want to inspire and encourage a community of moms that can thrive in this motherhood journey with confidence!⁣

⁣I'm so glad to have you here!